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Created by Fred Maher and updated by Clinton Detweiler. This course has been responsible for helping more people learn the art than any other ventriloquist course ever created.

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A Virtual Private Instruction Online Video Course hailed by many as the next generation’s Maher Course! Includes 5 free lessons to help you get started.





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Our Latest News:

You Need A Show … Part One

I was talking with a friend the other day. Yes, I have a couple. We were discussing the number of people complaining about not having any shows. They openly discuss it on social media and forums. Guess they didn't attend my Vent branding...

Limited Time Offer

Many of you are familiar with Mike Palma's Figure Building Course. It is like a college education on the art of figure building. You watch over Mike's shoulder as he takes you from design to sculpt to finished figure. There is no guess work - nothing to...

Puns & Groaners …

  Please! Don't make me listen to another pun. Sometime, somewhere, someone started writing vent scripts using puns. Puns became the staple of many ventriloquist acts. Some vents I've seen do nothing but puns. Puns and groaners. Pun after pun...

Want To Be Famous?

How much will it cost to make my daughter a star? That was the opening line of an email I received the other day. Wow. A star. You can buy that? Obviously the young lady saw Darci Lynne win America's Got Talent. She saw a kid her age rocket to fame and...

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I am delighted to carry on the great traditions set forth by Fred and Madeline Maher, founders, and Clinton and Adelia Detweiler, who took it to the next level.  Although the studio was closed for a period, Mark Wade, Ken Groves and I brought it back to life in 2013. Mark & Ken departed Maher Studios at the end of 2016, leaving me to forge the future of Maher Studios & the International Ventriloquist Society.

“Let me know how Maher Ventriloquist Studios can be of service to you!” – Tom

Tom Crowl is a professional ventriloquist, published author, podcaster and the creator of the first virtual ventriloquism course titled: Learn-Ventriloquism. To learn more about Tom visit his website at: http://comedyventriloquist.com

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A respected name in the ventriloquism community since 1934.

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