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Created by Fred Maher and updated by Clinton Detweiler. This course has been responsible for helping more people learn the art than any other ventriloquist course ever created.

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A Tale Of Two Mahers …

Today I'm going to share a story. A story of TWO Maher Ventriloquist Studios. Today, Maher Studios doesn't begin to resemble the old Maher Studios. The old Maher Studios built figures and sold puppets. The new Maher Studios does not. That is just one...

Becoming Famous On Social Media

About a month ago, I wrote an article called How To Become Famous. If you haven't read it, just click the link. I'll wait for you to get back. Someone mentioned that with the invention of social media and YouTube, it has become easier to become famous....

The I.V.S. Has Moved!

On July 2nd, Mark Wade did a guest blog ( Vents Need To Support Our ONLY Organization ) here on the Maher Studios forum. He discussed how ventriloquists should support the I.V.S., ventriloquism's only international organization. This created some...

The Post ConVENTion Blog Post

I said last week that there would be no post this week. What can I say? I'm an over-achiever. Actually, this isn't a blog post. This is a question ... If you went to the ConVENTion, what stood out for you this year? What made the event worthwhile for you?...

Become A Better Ventriloquist:

How To Vent Your Expressions by Cliff Taylor

How To Vent Your Expressions is the complete guide to portraying Emotions, Expressions and Actions! Originally released in 1989, the book has not been available in print for years. Maher now releases an updated PDF format version, with easier to read text and built in links to make finding the information fast & easy. Download to read on your computer, Kindle, tablet or phone, or print for your enjoyment. For more information click here …

Ventriloquist Scripts & Script Writing


The Business Of Show Business

Ventriloquist Figure Building

I am delighted to carry on the great traditions set forth by Fred and Madeline Maher, founders, and Clinton and Adelia Detweiler, who took it to the next level.  Although the studio was closed for a period, Mark Wade, Ken Groves and I brought it back to life in 2013. Mark & Ken departed Maher Studios at the end of 2016, leaving me to forge the future of Maher Studios & the International Ventriloquist Society.

“Let me know how Maher Ventriloquist Studios can be of service to you!” – Tom

Tom Crowl is a professional ventriloquist, published author, podcaster and the creator of the first virtual ventriloquism course titled: Learn-Ventriloquism. To learn more about Tom visit his website at: http://comedyventriloquist.com

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