How To Vent Your Expressions

How To Vent Your Expressions is the complete guide to portraying Emotions, Expressions and Actions! Bring your ventriloquist figure (or stage puppet) to LIFE by using this amazing reference book to learn how to manipulate your puppet or figure in the most life like manner. Simply look up the desired attitude (Anger, Ashamed, Fear, Tease, Sleep, Courage, Etc.) and follow the directions!

The author, Cliff Taylor, was a master at figure manipulation. In this book he explains how to manipulate your figure to show the specific attitude or emotion your figure is portraying, through the figure’s movements.

This is the first and only major work designed to help ventriloquists enhance the ventriloquial illusion, manipulate the figure (even the most basic figure/puppet) so as to portray every facial expression with correct body language to express any and all feelings and attitudes! Both vocal speech and body language are described in detail. HUNDREDS of topics, attitudes, emotions, actions, attitudes, and mannerisms are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced. Priceless!

This is the updated, enhanced electronic PDF version of this book.

You can download the PDF to read on a computer, tablet or phone. It may even be printed out for your own personal use.

Anyone who has ever seen this book knows the printed issues were difficult reads. Mr. Taylor would constantly refer to related topics, which left you searching for those to get a complete understanding of the manipulation possibilities. Because the work was so in-depth and segmented, sometimes those topics, emotions, manipulations or vocal suggestions, were hard to find. In this 2.0 update, I have created links within the text, so you can simply click on a word and be taken to the correct passage. The text is also larger and easier to read. A lot of time has gone in to bringing this book back – I know you will enjoy it! – Tom

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