Dan Horn’s Master Manipulation Course

A Puppet Manipulation Course by Dan Horn.

We shouldn’t need to add anything else. Dan is a master ventriloquist internationally recognized for his incredible puppet manipulation skills. His use of arm rods is legendary in the ventriloquism community. His lectures at the International Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion are always packed.

Now Dan has teamed with Maher Ventriloquist Studios to create the ultimate study in manipulation for ventriloquists.


23 Video Lessons cover:

  • Basic Mouth Movement

  • Advanced Mouth Movement

  • Simultaneous Head Movement

  • Finger Shaping

  • Wrist Movement

  • An Introduction To Arm Rods

  • Working With Arm Rods

  • Basic Arm Rod Manipulation

  • Adding Dimension Using Arm Rods

  • Advanced Arm Rod Manipulation

  • Arm Rods With Non-Traditional Puppets

  • Modifying Your Puppet For Movement

  • Discovering Movement Possibilities

  • Isolating Movement

  • Adding Weight And Mass

  • Orchestrating Movement

  • Extras That Add Realism

  • Creating The Illusion Of Vision

  • The Audience’s Perspective

  • Acting With Your Puppet

  • Establishing Character Through Movement

  • And Much More …

Bonus Special – Dan’s 2015 Vent Haven Lecture!

Dan’s course on puppet manipulation is so detailed and so informative … this was the best money spent learning from a master of ventriloquism and manipulation. I can’t stop watching and keep going back thru the lessons over and over! This is an extremely comprehensive course that every ventriloquist should consider.
Daniel Clemente

Pennsylvania, USA


Dan is a perfectionist. He constantly makes changes to the lessons and develops new ideas that make them even better. As a member of this course, you receive all updates and changes automatically!

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Master Manipulation
Only: $147.00



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