Clinton Detweiler used to update his blog almost every day.

He would write about puppets and figures he was working on. Sometimes he would show pictures. Other times he would post an article by Mark Wade, Dale Brown or another well known ventriloquist.

When Clinton passed I tried to create a daily blog over on the Learn-Ventriloquism web site. I did interviews with vents, some just starting and others well known. I broke those videos into bit-sized chunks so viewers could watch them fast. They posted Monday – Saturday as your daily bit of vent news. Eventually I had to stop. It just consumed too much time.

Mark started the Maher blog when we re-opened Maher Studios. Mark loves to write. He wrote a blog article every week. There is a ton of free information if you look back through these pages.

Now I find myself writing blog posts each week. I’m not as good at it as Mark was. My English and grammar are not the best. But I’m trying. It is hard work.

I don’t make puppets or build figures. So I don’t have that variety to share. But I’ll keep working at it. Feel free to ask questions or suggest blog topics. After all, I’m doing this for you, the people who take time to read these.

So – let me know how I can help …