I was talking with a friend the other day about a corporate program. A few minutes later, I mentioned booking a library show for June. He gave me a confused look and asked a question:

How could I be working both library shows and doing high paid corporate dates?

They are two different markets that require two different types of show. Yes, they are. And yes, they do.

The truth is, none of us are one dimensional. We have different tastes. If we only did one thing, life would be boring. Why not carry that over into your performances?

As a child, I started with shows for my peers. School talent shows, church programs, etc. As I matured, so did my audience. But I still enjoyed doing children’s programs.

If you do work for different types of clients, you must remember they can easily get confused. If someone is looking for a corporate entertainer and your web site is about kid shows, they won’t think you are right for their event.

Don’t advertise that you are available for all types of events.

My corporate clients see a corporate website that speaks directly to their concerns. My school assembly clients get a different website that addresses their needs. The same goes for librarians looking for a summer reading program.

Ideally, the markets should never cross. They are different shows for different audiences. But the flexibility of working multiple markets makes staying busy easier.

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