Today’s blog post is guest written by Mark Wade! Thanks for sharing and helping with the blog Mark.

Many of us , me included, need inspiration to write great comedy material. But think about it..where do you get your inspiration? I think we could even be better if we take a moment of two to discover the source of what moves us.

Maybe it’s a favorite ventriloquist you viewed growing up like Jimmy Nelson, Edgar Bergen, or Paul Winchell, to name just a few.. These were excellent role models and maybe you patterned yourself and your comedy after one of these greats, and if so, good for you!

As a kidshow vent, maybe you are inspired by some of the early children’s programming on television. I know I personally liked the comedy of “Rocky and Bullwinkle”, as produced by Jay Ward. Maybe it’s a favorite comic book or children’s story.

If you are doing a themed show for the library or school market you can do research by talking to librarians or school principals to see what resonates with them. Their opinions can make a huge impact on your material. This will help you fill a need in these markets and make you a significant player.

Sometimes listening to a favorite story or speaker can give you some well needed insights. Inspiration can come from all corners and it can be the most simple thing to the most complex.

I think reviewing your original course in ventriloquism may supply the spark that makes the difference. I have found that often rare little gems contained in the original course that we either missed or forgot about that can lift you to he next level.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the power of a good walk to clear out the mental cobwebs. You want your thoughts to be clear and concise and getting away, even for a few minutes, can be uplifting and just what you need to find your way.

Look at magazine articles and blog posts. Who knows maybe even this small sample can be what it takes. if so, you’re welcome. Now go create something great!