I have often been asked “When is it OK to do a FREE show?”.  Some would answer “Never!”, but I think this is something a performer has to deal with personally. I never say “never” to a free show.  Please allow me to explain…

Many times there are causes you believe in and want to help them. Often the best way to help is to share your entertainment abilities with them. For example, I supported the “Earth Angel Foundation” every year by giving them a show at a significantly reduced price. This price was way below even my regular pricing I gave to my best customers.  I helped their cause, felt good about it, and at least made my expense money to get to and from the date.  I PICKED this cause and helped the best way I could.

If you are moving into a new area to do shows, you may want to donate a free show to get your name around and to let people see what you can do.  Since I am new here in Florida I am doing  free, after lunch show for our local Rotary Club.  A few well placed “freebies” can pay off in the long run.

But beware!  There are some organizations that HAVE a budget but want to talk you into doing a show for free.  Everyone else from the caterer to the band gets paid but they have no budget for you.  I absolutely turn these down!

Pick a charity you would like to help and make them your own “pet project”.  They will love you for it and it will make you feel great! Also your favorite charity could give you a tax write off so you will benefit in still another way!

You can contact Mark at:  kidshowvent@gmail.com