Everyone wants to take their career, their talent and their skills to the next level.

For a ventriloquist, that may mean perfecting their lip control. Or mastering manipulation. Or going from an amateur to a professional, or even beyond professional to becoming a star.

So how do you take things to the next level?


It is that simple, although it is very hard.

I have a friend, (no really!) who wants to take his career to the next level. He wants to be a star, a famous magician. Someone people will want to meet, watch, and fill theatres to see.

“How can I do that?” he asked.


But in his mind, he is already there. He has already achieved the level he wants. Now he is waiting for his big break. For someone to realize he is great.

And when he doesn’t hear that, he’ll toot his own horn once and awhile. Which is actually kind of sad. I can’t tell you of any star I’ve ever met (or seen) who goes around telling people they are a star.

Putting in the work isn’t glamorous. It is hard.

And that is why so few people do it.

Do you want to take your skill, your talent, your career or any part of your life to the next level?

If so, look at those who have already achieved that level. Then realize that you will need to work harder than that person if you ever want to catch up and succeed.

It is the only way to get to the next level.