Variety entertainers sometimes seem to get lost in their own little worlds.

They look at what others in their art are doing and copy, or in some cases “present a tribute.” There are plenty of instances where comics have been called out for stealing jokes, or magicians have copied effects. 

But the truth is, the number of ideas and presentations are limitless. And ideas come from exposing yourself to outside interests.

I was sitting at home watching Netflix one evening and a comedy special by Tim Minchin was on. I had never heard of him, but he was absolutely hilarious. The more I watched, the bigger a fan I became.

Tim is a star. He is a certified celebrity and has a huge following. He has won awards. He is amazing. Tim is a musician, a comedian, a sarcastic … well, he can explain what he does better than I ever could. 

Below is a video I found where he was presenting a speech to the students and faculty of a college.

I know it runs about 12 minutes, but trust me when I say it is 12 minutes well spent. 

Toward the last five or 6 minutes, he shares three pieces of advice. They are solid gold for anyone who wants to entertain an audience.

Enjoy this video – you will laugh, you will think and if you apply the lessons, you will grow in your art!

(Note – this video contains some language. Although it does not detract from this important information.)

The link in case you can’t see it:

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