I was reviewing Lesson One of the Maher Course Of Ventriloquism. (You can now get it for free on Kindle.) It says:

How good a ventriloquist you will become depends a great deal upon yourself. You will learn from this course in direct proportion to what you put into it of your own interest and sincere effort.

Being a ventriloquist isn’t like picking up a self working magic trick and becoming a magician. It takes a lot of effort.

When I switched from magic to ventriloquism, I almost quit. Many times. I found it hard to learn. That really surprised me. I knew it took skill, but the pros make it look as easy as picking up a puppet.

I thought maybe I was too old. I felt that the best had been doing ventriloquism since childhood. I was told I was wrong and not to use that as an excuse.

I realized the multiple disciplines: lip control, script, puppet manipulation and the split created by acting for two people (puppet and self) were not easy. Not only did they need to be mastered separately, but then mastered when combined.

But I was determined to become a professional ventriloquist. So I continued to work on my skills. I continued to learn and grow as an artist.

Now I sit on the opposite side of the hurdle. I am the one helping others to achieve their dream of learning ventriloquism. And my review of Lesson One brought that importance back when I read:

And we’re here to answer any of your questions & help solve problems. And we’ll have some laughs together as well.

That is the tradition of Maher Studios.

So let’s laugh! Let’s have some fun! I’m here* if you have a question or want to talk!


* – Although this was a scheduled posting because I am actually not here this week – I am on vacation. I’ll be back next week!


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