I have found something that is practical when it comes to working a new show. You need “shake down” time…the time it takes to actually work out the flaws and rough places in a new show.

It’s amazing when I video one of my shows in early September when performing at a school and then revisit the show with a new video in February. The difference is incredible! Things run smoothly in the new video and some lines have been reworked and others completely fanished. It’s like watching a completely different show, and in many ways, it is.

I have found it takes about two or three weeks of constant performing a show to work out the proverbial “bugs”. You first need to get comfortable with the show and then you can get down to the business of honing a razor sharp edge to it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself the first few weeks you are working new material. Bits will change..things will be forgotten…but most certainly you will come out on top. Be persistent and patient. The solid gold show is just in it’s formative stages!

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