Sometimes I can be a real idiot.
In the last article I wrote about the cracked wheel on my Porter Case. I tried to fix it with Sugru Molding Glue. And it worked – mostly.
I didn’t have the time to pull off the wheel and grind it round, so it wasn’t a smooth fix. People heard me coming for miles through the airport.
The molding glue holds though and did a great job. I just now need to add some more and smooth that damn wheel back to a round rather than oblong shape!

But that isn’t why I am an idiot.

I talked about consolidating two cases (my Porter and my backpack) into the Tortuga Backpack.
Any school student can tell you that you can’t fit twice as much into the same space.
I was under the delusion that because I carried very little in my backpack, that I could fit it all in one.

With the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis.

I couldn’t.

So I’m glad I was able to take my last trip with my slightly broken and very noisy Porter Case.
Thing is, I am still very happy with the purchase of the Tortuga. I plan on using it for all my personal travel. It is very well laid out and I even plan to figure out a consolidation for my act.
The major difference being I can’t use the soft-sided Tortuga on stage. So I add an empty duffle bag to my checked suitcase. The duffle bag can be carried on-stage when I walk out and it is easy to grab any puppet(s) or props.
When I worked on cruise ships, this was my go-to prop case since we didn’t always have time to set the stage between acts.

Oh, and I brought back a souvenir from my last trip.

The flu!
I had even gotten a flu shot, but this year’s strain was vicious and I was out for almost a week. Still feeling the affects!

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