Fastest Path To The Cash

In January 2019, I offered a course called Amazing Year for a limited number of people. I told everyone before they joined they needed a show, and they needed to be prepared to work. Those that put in the work got amazing results:


Yesterday, I broke my record of the number of shows I do during the summer. I was able to do so, because of what I had learned from this course*. Thanks again Tom.

*  – Quote was in regards to the Amazing Year Course.

Gary Ray Howell

The Amazing Year will no longer be offered, however I am now making parts of it available to help others grow their business.

The Fastest Path To The Cash is taken from one lesson in the first month of Amazing Year. This audio course will help you jump start your shows by showing you the quickest way to start booking your act.

This is NOT a magic bullet.

It will take work. But if you put in the effort, just like Gary Ray, you will get programs that should more than pay for this purchase.

What Is The Fastest Path To The Cash?

  • You receive a 54 minute audio MP3 that contains discussions between three professional ventriloquists, Mark Wade, Todd Oliver and myself. We share exactly what we do to book shows and how we do it.  
  • You’ll also receive written instructions on what you must have before you begin. None of these are major expenses. If you currently do any shows, you probably already have most of what you need to get started.

If you want more shows, and are willing to put this information into action, you will book more shows.


This content requires effort on your part. If you are looking for the easiest path to the cash, keep looking. This method will generate results in direct correlation to the effort you expend to make it happen. No two people will experience the exact same results. It really will be up to you.

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