There are a lot of rumors and myths that are shared between ventriloquists. Most of them started in the National Enquirer and World News Report.


In this article, I want to share a few of these myths and explain why they are false, or reveal the truth behind them.


That’s right, lets put these to bed people!


Myth #1: Edgar Bergen & Shari Lewis had a love child.


Sounds pretty far fetched huh?


On the surface, as soon as you read this you say – no way.


The truth is much stranger though.


It turns out that Shari & Bergen did indeed have a love child but knew it would ruin their careers.


The baby was put up for adoption in the state of Texas and adopted by the Dunham family.


To this day, the child still doesn’t know his true origin.


Myth #2: Paul Winchell was the first man to land on the moon.


I don’t know where this story came from.


We all know that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.


Paul was an amazing inventor though and he did develop spaceflight and a space suit back in the 50’s. While he did land on the moon in 1961, he never considered himself the first man.


He preferred to think of himself as the first ventriloquist to achieve this feat. And to this date he is still the only ventriloquist to have achieved this goal.


Myth #3: Mark Wade moved to Florida to use Walt Disney’s Cryogenic technology.


Again, this is crazy.


But true.


Mark leaves Kentucky on the Monday following the ConVENTion. He and Jody take a two day leisurely trip back to Florida.


Once there, he is immediately frozen and not thawed out until the week before the next conVENTion.


Some experts doubt this claim. They site the fact they talk to Mark during the year and have seen him.


The museum put together an elaborate computer system that can imitate Mark’s voice, and hired a look alike to make appearances.


“Let’s face it, we need to keep Mark Wade alive to run the conVENTion and the only way to do that is deep freeze him,” said Annie Roberts. “But don’t tell anyone!”


No worries Annie – the secret is safe with me.




Myth #4: Three ventriloquists have won America’s Got Talent.


Really? You expect me to believe that?


No one does.



Myth #5: Tom Crowl knows what he is talking about.


I think we both know I just shattered that myth entirely.


Until next week!


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