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Enjoy an audio ride with Mark Wade, Ken Groves & Tom Crowl as Jody Wade “asks the pros” questions submitted by Maher Studios clients. For almost 60 minutes, the trio share their insights based on more than 95 years combined experience as professional entertainers.

Among the questions answered:

  • How do I improv with the audience?
  • What happened to the school market?
  • How can I connect with school decision makers?
  • What makes a good promo photo?
  • How can I use free Internet resources to get work?
  • Where can I learn to design a good web site?
  • How do I convert footlockers & suitcases into puppet cases?
  • How can I get decent sound on a shoestring budget?
  • What can I expect when busking?
  • What advertising do you find effective?
  • How can I put together a kid show?

An audio download you will listen to again and again …

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