Ask The Pros

Ask The Pros MP3 Audio

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Enjoy an audio ride with Mark Wade, Ken Groves & Tom Crowl as Jody Wade “asks the pros” questions submitted by Maher Studios clients. For almost 60 minutes, the trio share their insights based on more than¬†95 years combined¬†experience as professional entertainers.

Among the questions answered:

  • How do I improv with the audience?
  • What happened to the school market?
  • How can I connect with school decision makers?
  • What makes a good promo photo?
  • How can I use free Internet resources to get work?
  • Where can I learn to design a good web site?
  • How do I convert footlockers & suitcases into puppet cases?
  • How can I get decent sound on a shoestring budget?
  • What can I expect when busking?
  • What advertising do you find effective?
  • How can I put together a kid show?

An audio download you will listen to again and again …

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