Dear Followers of Maher Studios and the IVS,

It’s Mark Wade here, offering up an apology to all of you for all the typos and fragmented words in some of my recent posts here at Maher.  As many of you know, I suffered from an essential tremor for many months and finally had it corrected through surgery last November.  I am happy to tell you the tremor is completely gone and I have been 100% successful doing shows again (I layed off for a few months while getting my hand back in shape). However, I am having to retrain my left hand to type as fast as I used to, and getting my right hand used to working with the left again.  It is only in typing that I am having to do this retraining…everything else is fine.

So bear with is getting better with each column I write and I have slowed doen my typing pace and am working more closely with my spell checker to work things out.  All is well in the land of Mark but I wanted you all to know.  I appreciate your patience and encouragement!