Every good ventriloquist show has what I like to call the “Big 3”, a beginning, a middle, and a definite end. It makes sense when you create the show, and it makes sense to the audience. Your audience doesn’t go away dissatisfied because psychologically they felt something was missing. Please let me explain…

Things seem to happen in 3’s. There is an old joke formula that says that a good joke is told, then a follow up, and then the third or “topper” joke to finish things off. People, as well as comedy writers, get that. Your show should be constructed the same way.

Write and rehearse an opening to your show. Know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and then practice, practice, practice. Know how you are going to enter and exit the stage. With this practice you will build confidence.

The middle of the act is where the action takes place. Your puppets, audience participation, and vent specialties all go to make this work. This is the body of your performance.

Finally have and ending to your show. Just don’t stop and say goodbye, actually have it planned out to end with an audience “high” with a puppet. It will help build your applause and you will feel like you really accomplished something.

Plan your show out carefully, then follow your plan. Make it a great experience for everybody, including yourself!