I first heard this statement from my good friend magician David Ginn and I used these words to live by for decades..”play big, pack small (or flat)”! In other words, have things that can either pack flat or at least small, but can have a major impact on your audience.

When I design a puppet for my shows I never look for the biggest puppet I can find. Instead, I look for a puppet that is manageable and that can fit into a suitcase or trunk and be brought along easily for show setup. If a puppet or vent prop is oversized to the point that you have to have a special box or bag made for it, it may be necessary to rethink your need for it in a show.

I went so far with this thought that I would actually put my entire show in my old car and would take it with me when looking for a new car. If all the equipment fit in the new car , I would consider buying it. If not, it was marked off the list and I looked elsewhere.

When building a show I looked for side tables that would break down or come apart, banners or signs that could be rolled up, or stored flat, and for props that were not so over sized that I couldn’t accommodate them for travel. Remember, you may have to set up you show quickly and if you have special things you need to deal with it could cost you.

Look for things that will leave a major impact on the audience without making some prop or puppet “super sized”. That may be OK for McDonalds, but not for working entertainers!

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