I don’t think that’s a word, “Christmasy”, but it surely takes in the feeling for the Holiday season. As entertainers we need to make our show reflect the spirit of the holidays and help get our clients in a mood of celebration. How do we do that? It’s not as hard as you might think…

I always like to make my characters in the Christmas spirit by dressing them with a Santa hat, some holly, or any other type of garb that reminds us of the season. I know a friend of mine who puts a holly wreath around the neck of his moose character (who swears he really is a reindeer!). Rewrite the famous poem ‘The Night Before Christmas” and give it a funny twist. The kids especially will love this as they all know the story.

Your holiday music can be changed to seasonal Christmas music and played as the audience comes into your show area. And you can even” Christmatize” (another of my made up words!) yourself and dress the part. It’s all these little touches that take your show from the ordinary to making it fit the tone of the season. Have a great show season and give everyone around you a Merry Christmas. You both deserve it!

You can contact Mark at: kidshowvent@gmail.com