I know I’ve touched on this topic a time or two in the past, but what I am going to tell you bears repeating. To be truly successful in ventriloquism you must find your own “niche’, or market. You must find what makes you happy and then concentrate on the niche to become a well versed student of this branch of ventriloquism.

You actually can’t me a “jack of all trades” because, as the old saying goes, you will be “a master of none”. In other words you can’t be the greatest in every market…you must choose which arena is yours to do it right. I sometimes wonder when I see a vent’s business card that says they can do anything from “adult” shows to a child’s birthday party. They may be able to touch lightly in each of these areas, but are they really doing justice to all markets ? I personally think not.

Be proud of the niche that you are comfortable in. If it’s Gospel vent, be the best one you can be. Study the methods of others in that field to see how you can improve. The same is true for kidshows, banquets, trade shows, corporate gigs, and cruise ships. Know your market so well as to become an expert in that field. Emerse yourself in that field so you will proud to represent it to the world. You can’t be everything to everybody … choose wisely and then go for it! The chosen vent field is your oyster. Open it up and shine.