Any working professional , or even part-time vent is always looking for the best ways to get out their message.  With the advent of the internet many performers have tossed away the idea of advertising by sending out a postcard or brochure.  It is so much easier, folks think, to get something out by email into the hands of prospective buyers…and in some cases that’s true.  But the tried and true direct mail still works wonders if done correctly.  Is it a bit pricey?  It can be, but remember good advertising doesn’t PAYS!

I did some research an found that even in this economic downturn that direct mail was up by almost 6% nationally, and that a whopping 48 billion dollars was spent in 2011 for direct mail advertising.  Even Google uses direct mail to get the message out!

The whole thing about direct mail is that too few people take the time to be a student of this type of advertising. WHEN the mailing piece is sent out is almost as important as the mailing piece itself.  We’ll go into this in more detail in another column.

Remember, by targeting your intended market and audience you can get great results.  Don’t throw this valuable way of advertising out.  It’s far from dead.  It just has to be done correctly!

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