For those not familiar with the term “knee jerk” decision , let me explain. A “knee jerk’ decision is a decision that you made without thinking things through.  We sometimes react to things emotionally, without the use of our good sense and reason, and then have to live with the consequences.

Don’t feel bad…we all have made “knee jerk” decisions.  It can be disasterous to our business if we let our emotions rule our business sense.  Sure, we all get mad at some point about something and we say or do something that we regret later.  This person, company, or thing probably didn’t mean to make you mad and you reacted with a violent outburst of words, which in hindsight you probably shouldn’t have done.  This could cripple your business as you may desperately need the services or advice of this company or person.  My advice…blow off your steam by yourself without involving anyone.  Write a letter to that person which you will never send…take a walk and rant and rave to yourself, never letting that person know you did this…calm yourself down and don’t let the “knee jerk” decision ruin a good relationship.

Everyone makes mistakes, I know I’ve done my share.  Repair the business relationship / friendship the best way you know how.  Admit you acted out of anger and despair, and that it was a “knee jerk” decision.  The majority of the time the person with whom you are talking has probably done the same thing and will understand.

I know it’s difficult dealing with people who promised to book your show, only to turn around and find they have booked someone else without notifying you. If you want any chance of them coming back to you at another time a bad “knee jerk” decision on your part will not help the situation.  Life is too short, my wife reminds me, so blow off your steam in another way and then look at the business dealing as just that, a business dealing!