Test Your Ventril-Ability No. 3 Answer Page

This test is found in Lesson Six of the
Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version.

It is a “self-check” test for your benefit.

The Ventril-o-aid has proven to be a most effective practice tool. The video camera is still the very best way to self-critique. A ventriloquist figure or puppet is used for nearly all ventriloquist performances. But without your tongue, ventriloquism would be impossible!

False. The Ventril-o-aid is tremendously effective as a practice tool, but is used during practice only – never during performance.

True. A pencil held between the teeth could serve as a substitute Ventril-o-aid, although the pencil will block the passage of air. The holes in the Ventril-o-aid are designed to allow air and words to pass through more freely.

The upper breath stream carries breath and words through resonant areas, escaping through the nose. The lower breath stream carries breath and words escaping through the mouth.

Words containing “M”, “N”, and “NG” sounds add resonant quality to ventriloquist speech.

Say this phrase: “Mother needs something.” The letter “N” and the letter combination “NG” are always made with the tongue. The sound of the “M” is always made with the lips.

The resonant tones are carried primarily through the upper breath stream.

Breath and words carried on the lower breath stream can be blocked by the closed lips, tongue or uvula, singly or in combination.

True. Adding resonance to ventriloquist speech will increase the volume and carrying power (projection) of the words.

The resonant letters “NG” will always follow some vowel, adding contrast, volume, emphasis and projection to the sound of the vowel.

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