Test Your Ventril-Ability No. 5 Answer Page

This test is found in Lesson Eleven of the
Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version.

It is a “self-check” test for your benefit.

The ventriloquist figure is to the ventriloquist what the musical instrument is to the musician.

True. Ventriloquists work hard developing their own unique performing style, creating characters for their puppets that are likewise unique. Uniqueness adds appeal – a great advantage to the performer. The fact that no two handcrafted vent figures can ever look exactly alike is truly an advantage to the ventriloquist.

Ventriloquists would disagree as to the correct answer to this statement. We simply recommend that you do have some type of vent figure or puppet early on with which to practice and perform. Whether it is expensive or inexpensive is not important as the answer to this question: “Do you enjoy using it?”

The feature ventriloquist figures and puppets share in common is a mouth that opens and closes. It is also the most important feature of a ventriloquist puppet.

The second most important feature of a ventriloquist puppet is the turning head. It is difficult to bring a puppet to “life” if you can not turn and tilt the head.

(A) It is nice to have a ventriloquist figure with all the qualities listed in “a, b, and c.” But the most important consideration is that listed under “a”.

The ventriloquist needs to be seen by the audience. The preferred performance position is to be standing, even when performing from a stage or raised platform. The standing position also allows greater freedom of movement and expression.

With some exceptions, the best answer to this question is “b” or “c”.

This question is tricky, so don’t answer too hastily. While the mouth of the ventriloquist puppet should move for each syllable of each word, the movement does not have to be a complete open and close movement each and every time.

If you have any hesitancy as to how to answer this question, see lesson eight. The Rule of Three can be employed to great advantage during a ventriloquist performance.

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