Dialogs Plus

Dialogs are an important part of any ventriloquist’s performance, but writing original scripts isn’t easy.  Now you can sit down with Mark Wade, Ken Groves and Tom Crowl in Dialogs Plus!  Unlike the dialog and script books from the past, Maher Studios set out to create a living breathing vehicle to help you create original material!

With each Dialogs Plus product, you will receive:

Three Original Short Scripts
created by Mark, Ken and Tom

An Instructional Video
showing the creative process for a script in that series,

A PDF Script Book
that features all three scripts

Dramatic Reading Audios
of each script from the book.

Performance Rights For All Of The Material!

The video will give you ideas to adapt the scripts and make them your own.  You’ll get to hear material that never made it to the page, which may spark your own creativity.  Best of all, you’ll have modern day scripts for modern day audiences.  No more doing the tired jokes of the past!  The dramatic readings will even give you ideas for your own presentation!

As written, each script provides you between 2 – 4 minutes of solid material.  With the ideas we share, you can easily expand these into longer routines that will earn you money and laughs!

Family Scripts Series #1

includes: A 14 minute instructional video, a 9 Page PDF Script Book containing the scripts: Bad GiftsCartoons, and Fairy Tale and Dramatic Readings of the scripts. Only $17.00 –

Old Person Script Series #1

Includes: A 16+ minute instructional video,  a 10 Page PDF Script Book containing the scripts: Technology, Drugs, and Getting Old, and Dramatic Readings of the scripts. Only $17.00 –

General Script Series #1

Includes: A 20+ minute instructional video featuring the wagon wheel writing method,  a 10 Page PDF Script Book containing the scripts: Trumpet Quartet, Ohio, and Sale At Small-Mart, and Dramatic Readings of the scripts.  General scripts are good for family or adult audiences. Only $17.00 – 

Kid Script Series #1

Includes: A 9+ minute instructional video featuring a script being updated,  a 9 Page PDF Script Book containing the scripts: Pirate Petey, Marvin The Bully, and The Birthday Party, and dramatic readings of the scripts.  These scripts are great for kid shows & two are good for kid puppets.  The Marvin script has been audience tested by Mark Wade during school shows. Only $17.00 –



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