Software is a pain when it doesn’t work right! The Internet doesn’t always help. Websites use lots of software on servers that use more software and they all have to talk with your computer which uses different software.

Recently something changed – and I don’t know what – but I have people on it. Unfortunately they are just as confused as I am. But here is what I do know …

If You Log In on and then get logged out …

This is a cache issue. It is happening to me too. And I found a work-around.

Use An Incognito Web Browser …

What? Every browser has a version of an incognito browser window. For Safari (which I use) or Chrome (which I sometimes use) all you have to do is click on the menu item to open the new window.



The new browser window will not accept cache images of the pages – and once you sign in, you should have no trouble moving about the site.

I apologize for the problem and am working to resolve it as quickly as possible.