The statement I just made at the beginning of this column really asks an important question..where DO you make the majority of your performing dollars? Chances are you are making it in your regional market, the area that is manageable for you to mine to find the performing gold. Let me give you a few things to take into consideration.

It takes a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to travel nationally doing shows. I have done it, and still do, but it is not easy. Many have found that it’s easier and more profitable to work your territory or region. A region can be a few cities, a few counties, even a few states or providences. The key here is to make it manageable. In the military they talk about stringing out your supply lines. That means not getting so far from your base that you can’t be effective. Also when you get too far away you have extra expenses that have to be figured in, like over night hotels, gasoline, and food. All this eats away at the bottom line. If you are traveling nationally you also have to figure in airline tickets and car rentals. As you can see traveling nationally can be expensive.

Some may say I can book all of this through an agent and all the extras can be taken care of by him or her. True, you may get a date here and there from an agent, but by and large ventriloquists have to have a good business sense and learn to keep themselves busy with shows. It makes more sense to work your territory. You get to know the roads and highways, the cities and towns, and the general location of things concerning your region. You become an expert of your region. You WILL know how far some date may be from your home. You WILL know how much to add to your fee to cover your expenses. And best of all you WILL be around to enjoy your life and family (plus sleep in your own bed most of the time). Take care of your region and it will take care of you! You can still on occasion go to a far away city or part of the country, but make your BIG money in your territory!

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