To tell you the truth I shouldn’t even have to write this column. It’s about interjecting some adult humor into a children’s or family show, under the guise that the young people in the audience won’t get it. Some claim the jokes are over the heads of the kids present at the show, but I wonder. Kids seem to catch on quickly nowadays.

If I have to tell you to keep it clean, then you are probably in the wrong business entertaining kids and families. Kids are more “street wise” than ever before, thanks to the internet and inappropriate websites that can be easily accessed by youth.

Some will argue ”these kids have heard it all before!”, and that’s probably true. But we as kidshow/ family show entertainers don’t have to pile on and add to this dilemma. I GUARENTEE you will be praised and get more than your fair of share of future shows by keeping it clean!

The old adage “When in doubt..leave it out!” is more important than ever when it comes to crafting a vent script. If you even THINK a joke may be taken the wrong way, leave it out and find a more appropriate joke. Once it leaves your or your puppet’s mouth, it’s too late. The damage is done.

Write your shows and then let the script sit for a few days and then read over it with fresh eyes. You may pick up on something that is glaring that you might be embarrassed about later. That is the time to do your editing…before it happens!

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