Everyone has those shows they’d like to forget.

  • When nerves hit them unexpectedly.
  • When the audience didn’t respond as hoped.
  • When they arrived late due to traffic.
  • When they forgot something.

The list goes on and on.

But sometimes, everything goes right. The staging is right. The audience is set up to create the best possible atmosphere. The sound is perfect. Ditto on the lighting. And the audience is in the mood to be entertained. In fact, they are almost begging for you to be good.

On a night like that, magic occurs.

All those countless hours of practice pay off. Your talents are appreciated. They are applauded. Sometimes with a standing ovation.

These nights don’t happen without the preparation though. If you aren’t good, if you aren’t entertaining, you’ll never get to experience these nights.

It is so worth putting in the time.

The difficult shows teach you so much to help you improve.

If you love ventriloquism, pick it up and play with it a few times a day. Practice here and there. Perform whenever you get a chance.

And continually work to improve.

Trust me, if you do that your night of magic will appear!