We’ve all heard it said “That person just hit the “big time!”, but what does that exactly mean? The term “big time” can mean a lot of different things to different performers. “Big time” is a relative term, depending upon whom you are asking.

If you want to be a star on television or at least become a household word when someone mentions “ventriloquism”, I think you would automatically think of Jeff Dunham. Jeff set goals, made a plan, and followed it for decades to get to his own personal “big time”. But maybe your idea of “big time” might be different that doesn’t make it any less important.

Maybe your idea is to teach Sunday school and use puppets in church work..that’s your idea of “big time”. Maybe it’s entertaining in your neighborhood or local area and you’ve made a plan and have stuck wih it successfully. You see it all is relative, like I mentioned before.

Years ago I set out to become known as “America’s Foremost Children’s Ventriloquist”. I booked thousands of shows in that arena over the decades; wrote books and lectured on the subject first in the US and then around the world. I wrote for every children’s entertainers magazines both in the US, and now for two foreign publications. You see, my idea of he “big time” was much different than Jeff’s, but we both have seen our dreams some true.

What is your “big time”? With a new year starting NOW is the time to decide. But one thing is important..make sure you do it the best you can with the best technique possible. Make us ALL proud that you hit your “big time”!

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