I think I have seen the majority of you Maher supporters at the last Vent Haven International Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion, held July 13-16 in Ft. Mitchell, KY. There was loads of laughs, great shows, lectures, and workshops…all topped off with Jeff Dunham’s show at the BB&T Arena.

Now here is the leading question. What was your “take away” from the ConVENTion? What did you learn?

You can learn a lot by watching pro vents work, or maybe you learned one golden nugget at a lecture or workshop. That one nugget could be worth the entire cost of your registration, but only if you put into practice what you took notes on. Viewing without application is like not even attending.

Read over your lecture/ workshop notes, view a few times the books, DVD’s and other learning materials that were presented. The time is NOW to make what you witnessed a part of you. You grow when you apply action instead of just “lip service”. Anyone can say they will apply themselves, but it takes a successful person to actually make it happen.

We hope to see you all at Vent Haven ConVENTion 2017, to be held on July 12-15, 2017 at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott

To contact Mark Wade- kidshowvent@gmail.com

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