What Do You Do?

I hate that question.
You meet somebody and they ask, “what do you do?”

For some, it is an opportunity to shine.

They brighten up and proudly share their accomplishments with anyone who will listen.
The thing is, I have the opportunity to shine every time I walk on a stage. (Opportunity doesn’t always mean you do, just that you have the chance.)
When I am not on stage, I prefer to sink into the woodwork. I’m an introvert.
I saw this a lot when I did magic. Let someone tell you they are a magician and expect to see a magic trick! In 99.99999% of the instances you will.
I’ve never asked someone who told me they were a salesman to try and sell me something. Or a professional chef to make me something.
Doctors, dentists, auto-mechanics, I’m sure get asked questions.
But something a bout being a performer and people expect a performance.
For awhile I did tell people I was a comedian, but “Tell me a joke!” came out of one too many mouths. That would be followed with shares about some one’s favorite comedian, questions about what comedy clubs I work and why am I not on Comedy Central?

For awhile I would tell people I don’t really do anything.

That seemed pretty close to the truth.
But then I have friends who tell me as an entertainer I have a “Super Power”! I should be willing to share it and brighten the day of mere mortals.

When did that become my job?

So thinking about this, I guess my new response will be one of two things …

1. I help people.

I help people who need to escape the seriousness of daily life by giving them a reason to smile and laugh using my act.
I help people who want to entertain others by providing courses and instruction to allow them a chance to succeed.
I help people by inspiring them through written word, audio and video content.
I help people who create and host events to wow their audiences the same way. Either by hiring me, reading one of my articles or listening to my podcast.
If that one draws too many questions, which it probably will, I shall switch to my plan B.

2. I will cry hysterically, curl up into a ball and wait for people to back away.

So what do you do?