Currently the COVID-19 panic is taking over the world.

Terrified people fear quarantine. Governments are shutting down gatherings. And the news outlets are making more money.
Why? They are selling advertising because of higher ratings. They have the public glued to their television sets for the latest news.

People are emotional creatures.

And people buy things based on emotion.

Emotion is the number one factor in driving sales. It outweighs every other reason for purchasing.
People chose emotion over practicality, need, and price.
I’ll give you an example…
Do realtors advertise houses based on the number of awards the contractor has earned?
Do people buy houses because of the shingles on the roof? Or the wood used in construction?
Of course not.
Realtors make sales by getting people to visualize themselves living in the home. When people picture the emotions and memories that house will foster, it becomes a home.
It becomes an emotional buying decision.

Do you have toilet paper?

COVID-19 doesn’t cause diarrhea, but you can’t tell that the way toilet paper is flying off the shelves.
When did toilet paper become an emotional buying decision?
The moment people saw others buying it. Suddenly toilet paper looked like it would be in short supply. That made people flock to the stores to buy it.
The more stores that ran out of toilet paper, the more people had to have it!
I saw a picture of a guy who bought 150 rolls. The average person only uses about 100 rolls a year. Tell me that wasn’t an emotional decision! (Irrational maybe, but definitely emotional.)

Scarcity is an emotional buying trigger.

Let’s take a look at women’s handbags.

If the lowest price was always the factor, everyone would own a cheap handbag from Walmart.

Yet the Gucci handbag sells for $2,490. That is over 8193% more! For a bag that holds things, just like the Walmart bag does.

Yet Gucci sells handbags.



Same reason people buy expensive cars, homes and clothes.

Do you want to sell to the person that shops at Walmart and just needs something?

Or do you want to cater to the person who wants the best?

Which do you feel will help your business do better?

So what can COVID-19 teach you about marketing your show?

1. Use emotion.

Don’t tell people how great you are or how many awards you have won.

Give them the feeling of being in the room when you entertain their audience. Allow them to experience the feeling of people coming up to congratulate them on an amazing event.

2. Use scarcity.

You don’t have availability during this timeframe. You have limited availability.

That isn’t a lie. We all have limited time. There are only so many days in a year.

3. Use status.

 No one wants to hire someone who isn’t working. Why aren’t they working? What is wrong with their act?

When you are busy, people want what other people want. That is another reason why there was a run on toilet paper.

and finally:

4. Patience.

Just like the COVID-19 panic will blow over as the news finds another scary topic to develop, so will slow periods.

Make the use of any extra time you have now to update your look. Improve your act. Do the things you never seem to have time for.

This panic isn’t a bad thing.

Unless you need toilet paper.

What is your biggest takeaway here? Let me know in the comments below: