I think most people are goal-oriented. They set their sights on something and then work hard to achieve it. The same can be said for ventriloquism. What vent goals have you set for yourself for 2016?

Maybe it’s to improve your overall act, dress it up with some new comedy material. Maybe it’s to improve your basic skills, like manipulation and lip control. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your puppets.

We at Maher can help. We have long been established as the leading resource in the vent world, and our product lines just keep expanding.

Check out our series of inexpensive scripts, or maybe you want to have some coaching time via Skype with Ken Groves or me, Mark Wade.

It could also be time to go to your first Vent Haven International Ventriloquists’ ConVENTion in Kentucky. This place is wealth of information as it is planned by professional vents to reach the vent community on many different levels. Check it out at : venthavenconvention.com

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. Look us over at Maher as we are always ready to help!

To contact Mark Wade: kidshowvent@gmail.com