Anyone who truly wants to learn the history of our art needs to plan a trip to the beautiful city of Ft. Mitchell, KY to visit the fabulous Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum. Located at 33 West Maple Avenue in Ft. Mitchell are four buildings that house the world’s most complete museum dedicate to the art of ventriloquism.

You do need to call ahead to schedule an appointment with curator Lisa Sweasy and she and her associates will take you on a tour to visit hundreds of vent figures, puppets, playbills, posters, and thousand of photos of the great and the near great vents.

You will see replicas of “Charlie McCarthy”, “Mortimer Snerd”, and ”Effie Klinker”, all former partners of Edgar Bergen; Jimmy Nelson’s “Danny O’Day” and dog “Farfel”; Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” and “Peanut” plus others you will recognize. Just viewing the thousands of photos is a walk down ventriloquism’s rich history lane. Plus much, much more!!

Plans are underway to build a new museum on the site of the existing buildings, so keep watching here for more details. And to see the museum plan on attending the Vent Haven ConVENTion in 2017 (July 12-15) at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott hotel. Part of registration is a free bus ride to the museum. We’ll see you all there!!

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