Video Marketing For Variety Entertainers

Video Marketing Made Easy

You’ve put up a demo video, you’ve got a web site, you even promote your act on social media like FaceBook, Pintrest, InstaGram and Twitter. But are you getting enough shows from all your efforts? If the answer is no, watch the video below!

HQ Video Marketing Training

  • Significantly expand your entertainment business.
  • Get the most out of your Video Marketing
  • Maher Studios teamed with a proven Video Marketing course including the most current info
  • Generate more sales & leads using these up-to-date video marketing strategies

It is time to think like an Internet Marketer. 

The success of your business depends on many factors: quality of traffic to your website, social recognition and interaction on social networks, the Mobile Presence your business has, and many others – that is a hard fact.

You could be the greatest entertainer in the world, but … if you don’t use Video Advertising for your business, you won’t connect with a great deal of customers actually looking for your services!

Now you have the opportunity to easily and quickly get your business above your competition by applying the latest and most effective Video Marketing techniques!


Video Marketing Made Easy!

Maher Studios has teamed with a video marketing service to provide training for variety entertainers. You’ll learn how major companies are using the immense power of Video Marketing. The training will show you what they are doing and give you exactly what you need in order to adapt and implement these techniques into your own business.

You will receive:

A 73 page Training Guide:

  • Introduction To The Course Materials
  • Chapter I: What is Video Marketing?
  • Chapter II: Why Video Marketing?
  • Chapter III: Are Businesses doing Video Marketing?
  • Chapter IV: Top Video Sharing Sites
  • Chapter V: Video Marketing Power Tools
  • Chapter VI: How to do Video Marketing the right way
  • Chapter VII: Highly Effective Video Marketing Tricks
  • Chapter VIII: The hottest ways to use video for marketing
  • Chapter IX: Shocking Video Marketing Case Studies
  • Chapter X: Video Marketing Dos and Don’ts
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources And Information

Cheat Sheet:

A handy checklist that you can print out and easily use to follow every action step of the process.

Mind Map:

A visual outline of the complete training. Using this allows you to follow the process using a graphic visual for faster learning.


We have arranged to provide you with all fourteen training videos that go along with this course. Our partner charges $47 for this on-line Video Marketing Training Course complete with the video package.  We have arranged to make it available here on the Maher Web Site for only: $17.00

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After purchasing, please wait for PayPal to redirect you back to a special page on our site. You should see a page like this:

If you do not have a Maher account, you may create one on this page and submit the information to access the product.

If you already have a Maher account – click the Existing User link (circled above in red).
You will then be sent to a page as shown below:

Sign in there with your existing username and password. You will then be advanced to your product.

If you experience a problem – please email with your Username! We will grant you access ASAP.


Video Marketing Course:
Only $17.00



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