When it comes to comedy material, writing for a children’s show is just as important as writing for an adult banquet or corporate show. I know some dismiss kid’s audiences as “second rate” and not nearly as important as doing adult programs but that is just not true. Just because kidshow opportunities are more plentiful than corporate or banquet shows doesn’t make them any less important. Kids, like adults, know what they like and are more discriminating than we could possibly know.

This generation of kids is more sophisticated then others due to television and especially with the advent of computers and the Internet. No longer can we foist a 1960’s approach to our shows and expect a good outcome. We as vents have to keep up, know what comedy works , and learn the basics to good comedy for the younger set. We have to compete with the wonders of a new technological world.

One advantage we have is that kids love puppets, especially soft puppets. Another advantage is that they’re aren’t as many vents as magicians or clowns, thus we are a novelty as we are not a plentiful. That doesn’t mean we can slack off on lip control, good voices and other vent techniques…we must strive to give kids superior shows.

Here is where we toot the Maher horn. Maher offers “Comedy Writing For Kidshows”, which offers many of the things you need to build and create great comedy for children. It’s been all audience tested by me and I guarantee it will give your shows a boost. Take a look at in our catalog to see this product.

I know you’ll be glad you did, and your young audiences will thank you for it!

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