Being a professional entertainer isn’t easy.

People don’t think of it as a “real” job.

I remember in 1991, getting off a cruise ship and going to pick up my dog. I been been on for a three week contract. The dog had been staying with my parents while I was out at sea.

As soon as I climbed out of my van, my folks asked me: “So are you going to start looking for a job now?”

It wasn’t, how was your cruise? How were your shows? How are you?

It was concern about how I would survive.

At least my dog was thrilled to see me!

I remember when my parents had to move into independent living. The house needed to be cleaned out. I have two sisters, but I was stuck with the majority of the work. One of my sisters said to me, “well, you don’t have a job right now, so why can’t you just do it? We both work for a living!”

To her, I was only working when doing a show.

Actually, doing the show is play. The work is everything involved before and after that.

Every year I see people become professional entertainers. Every year I see professional entertainers looking for a new 9-5 job to pay their bills.

They simply can’t handle the job and lifestyle of being a professional entertainer.

You can’t just say: “I’m a professional entertainer!” and suddenly you are busy with shows.

True professional entertainers don’t just get up at noon, eat, watch TV on the couch and pick up the phone when it rings.

Being a professional entertainer is running a business. You are the president of an entertainment company.

Your job ranges from discovering potential markets all the way through to doing the shows.

Do you have a dedicated office area? Do you have filing and systems in place?

Do you have a funnel that takes you from contact to booking? (While at some levels that may be just a phone call, at others it may involve multiple points of contact, proposals and more.)

Do you have set office hours and practice hours?

Do you have a plan for lead generation to get work?

Do you have a phone script – i.e. – know exactly what to say when someone calls?

Do you understand business? Do you need to learn more about marketing online? What do you need to improve?


Being a professional entertainer isn’t easy.

For many, it is down right impossible.

Think about how many acts are out there. Not just ventriloquists, but magicians, clowns, jugglers, singers, bands, acrobats, mentalists, speakers, etc.

A lot huh?

Out of all of them, how many are really famous?

A very small percentage.

You can’t get into this business to achieve fame. And if you want to survive, you best be self-motivated and work your butt off. Plus be a savvy business person!

That said, it is noon.

Time for me to get out of bed, have some lunch and binge watch some Netflix.

We’ll talk next week.

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