Many things have been written and recorded about having confidence, but this is never so true as it is with performing. An audience can sense almost immediately if you have confidence in yourself as a performer (and as a person … ) the moment you walk on stage.

I would be fibbing to you if I said that we all have confidence all the time. We all have feelings of being inadequate, it’s just learning how to deal with these feelings that makes us all champions. The winners don’t let lack of confidence become the master, instead, we must choose to overcome that which would stop us from being our best.

One of the greatest things to do to help with your confidence is to practice, practice, practice. Know your character, know your routine, be able to jump right into it with a moment’s notice. With practice comes confidence.

Visualize yourself entertaining vast crowds of people, making them laugh and be happy. When they are happy, you are happy. When you have stepped out on stage being thoroughly prepared you have already risen above most of the crowd of other entertainers. Be a true student in the art of ventriloquism, and emerse yourself in every aspect of it. Learn it’s various branches and techniques, so you can advance the art. It’s everybody’s mission!