Test Your Ventril-Ability No. 2 Answer Page

This test is found in Lesson Five of the
Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version.

It is a “self-check” test for your benefit.

“Resonance” is the prolonged or increased sound caused by the vibration of one body surface from another vibrating surface. “To sound again.”

The resonant areas aiding the ventriloquist are found throughout the nose and head.

It is difficult to watch an active, action-filled puppet and simultaneously watch the face of the ventriloquist…a great advantage to you, the performer.

The resonant areas of the head not only add to the volume of words spoken, they also aid the ventriloquist by creating added contrast between voices.

False. A falsetto voice is higher in pitch, providing striking tonal contrast to the pitch of the normal voice. But a falsetto voice has little if any resonance, and its prolonged use is more likely to strain the voice. While the lengthy use of the falsetto voice for ventriloquism is not forbidden, it is discouraged.

True. Tonal contrast between the ventriloquist voice and the normal speaking voice is very important. It is acceptable for the ventriloquist voice to be either higher or lower in tone in comparison to the normal speaking voice.

True. One single long daily practice period is better than no practice, of course, but it is more likely to tire the voice than several shorter practice periods throughout the day.

Use any one or more of these ways to create contrast between voices:
Tone, Volume, Vocabulary, Dialect, Tempo, Inflection, Resonance, etc.

The ventriloquist dialogue should sound like two separate people in conversation. The greater the contrast between the production of voices, the more effective the ventriloquist illusion.

True. You will greatly benefit from a periodic review of these lessons – even months and years from now! Experience increases the depth of understanding. Overlooked secrets and tips will be discovered. Forgotten gems of knowledge will be rediscovered.

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