Test Your Ventril-Ability No. 10 Answer Page

This test is found in Lesson Twenty-One of the
Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version.

It is a “self-check” test for your benefit.

False. Nothing is further from the truth! A full mouth might keep a person from practicing, but a full schedule should not. See lesson fourteen.

You are right if you thought all of the choices are true. And you can learn from any performer. When observing skilled performers you learn skills to try; by observing a poor performer you learn what to avoid.

False. Gestures (hand, body and facial) add greatly to your presentation when used with purpose. Movement and expressions are important elements of a successful show. But they must be reasonable and performed with an objective. If not, they distract.

The better you prepare yourself and the more performances you give, the more comfortable you will become on stage.

True. And this is more important than most performers realize until they put it into practice.

True. You can positively affect the mood of any audience with your own positive demeanor and enthusiasm. If you want your audience to enjoy the show, then you must be certain to appear as though you are enjoying presenting the show!

You cannot overestimate the value of a smile!

Creative humor is the foundation of your act. Gathering jokes that reflect your humor style and taste will provide you with a very practical and valuable resource upon which to draw when preparing a dialogue. As Humorist Robert Orben once stated, the value of a joke file is not as much in the jokes themselves as in the act of gathering and collecting, which teaches you how to “think funny!”

True. Learning to mentally visualize your puppets’ actions from the audience perspective is a priceless skill. A great asset. Pantomime practice develops this skill.

Yes, there are tricks to minimize the weak areas of a performance! The goal of course, is to emphasize strengths and work to improve any weak areas.

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