SPECIAL NOTICE: I just got off the phone with the Marriott and we DO have rooms available from Thursday thru Sunday, but NOT Tuesday or Wednesday. We are sold out Tuesday and Wednesday nights (which also correspond with the All-Star Game which is being played during that time). If you call Central Reservations at Marriott for a room and say you want Tuesday or Wednesday thru Sunday they will tell you it is unavailable. Thursday thru Sunday, no problem. If you ae trying to make a reservation for Tuesday or Wednesday, book at the Holiday Inn (859-746-5612 and ask for Sarah) for those nights and then transfer up to the Marriott for the rest of the week. We will run a free shuttle bus between the two hotels. But PLEASE make a reservation with the Marriott..you just can’t walk in an expect to book a room.

We are also making plans for a THRD hotel in case we need it. What a pleasant problem to have! 🙂 If you need to book a room at the Marriott please use this number now: 859- 586-0166. Do not call Carrie Falta as she is out on maternity leave..use this number I have listed. Many thanks! MW