The 2016 Vent Haven ConVENTion has come and gone but what lingering effects will it have on you? Hopefully it was a place to learn new things and to recharge your “performing batteries”. When you recharge these special internal batteries, you become more aware of what your act or show is about and, more importantly, what it CAN become.

Maybe the recharge mode hit you while watching a pro vent work his or her magic onstage. Or maybe a new idea hit you while attending a workshop or lecture. MY opinion is if you got one good, useable idea from the ConVENTion it was well worth going and participating. Look back over your notes or from the materials you got after a lecture. Maybe the turning point for you was having lunch with another performer, or spending some quality time in the dealer’s rooms or hospitality room. Whatever it was, it was YOUR magic moment!

If you did not attend the ConVENTion or couldn’t make it, remember there is always next year. Dates for Vent Haven ConVENTion 2017 are July 12-15 at the newly renovated Cincinnati Airport Marriott. Keep working at our art and get inspired!
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