It’s been said in the past that if you want to keep something a secret publish it in a book! I don’t think I totally agree with that statement, but it’s true, many do not read and because they refuse to know what has happened to others, they themselves do not grow. Now I am not talking about stealing ideas from others, but some of the greatest new things came about by combining something that had been in existence to a new idea . This union of old and new created something entirely fresh and original.

I like to use the old adage “hitching old horses to new wagons”, and that’s exactly what we as vents should be doing. Maybe you saw somebody do something that really appealed to you, and you had a thought of how you could take your original idea and combine it to make something uniquely your own. That’s a good process! But to be able to do this you need to read and study what others are doing. If you do not read and combine things you may be stuck with a good idea that goes no where.

Learn to be a vent the methods and ideas of others, keeping in mind they can influence you, but you should not be carbon copy of what they are and what they do. Read everything you can get your hands on and study everyone that you can to glean a thought that could help you.

When I recently wrote “Kidshow Ventriloquism Encore” it was packed with ideas and routines that could be used by the aspiring kidshow vent. I gave the best of my 35 plus, full time years of performing to give ideas to others so they can grow and combine their ideas with mine. As they say, we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, so hopefully I am balancing many of you on my shoulders. Then it will be your turn to help others down the long road of performing. Reading is power. Grasp the power today!

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