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Steve Charney is a nationally known ventriloquist, magician, children’s author, radio personality, songwriter and recording artist. He’s been profiled in the New Yorker magazine and has written dozens of songs for Jim Henson’s “Bear in the Big Blue House” a program that aired daily on the Disney Channel for several years. He’s also published over a dozen children’s books by Scholastic Inc., Sterling, Crown, Metacom, Meadowbrook Press, Troll National Book Clubs, Disney, and Ceres Press.

His audio podcast “Conversations With My Dummy” is a wacky, surreal exploration of Steve’s mind and his relationship with Harry, his dummy. Ventriloquism on an audio podcast? He works on the honor system. On the podcast he also features well known guests such as John Sebastian, Peter Schickele, Daniel Pinkwater and many others. Whether they’re arguing about who’s making who talk or Steve’s frustration when he finds out Harry is two-timing him with Steve’s girlfriend, hilarity always ensues. It can be found on iTunes, Steve’s Youtube channel (which has over a million hits), or

Charney also performs in theaters, schools, libraries, resorts and festivals. He often promotes literacy, anti-bullying and eating healthy in schools, with magic, music and ventriloquism. But Harry always steals the show with his verbal mayhem and irreverence.

Steve’s radio program “Knock On Wood” has aired on various stations around the country for decades and he was a commentator on “All Things Considered”.

845 246 7898

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