Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I do.

When that happens, your productivity goes out the window. You are looking at everything you have to do and the mountain seems too high to climb.

That gets discouraging. Which leads to feeling overwhelmed. Which leads to frustration. Which leads to feeling like you will never achieve your goals or dreams.

People contact me to complain they can’t seem to get the labials when learning ventriloquism.

Some only try a few times before becoming frustrated. Others try a few days.

But I tell them, it can take weeks, or even months.

For some, never.

Usually because the “never” people feel they are close enough and give up trying to learn.

It is sometimes easier to walk away from something than feel overwhelmed and become discouraged.

The feeling of overwhelm is usually a result of trying to do too much at one time. Or placing impossible deadlines that you just can not reach.

It doesn’t matter if it is learning ventriloquism, getting shows or any other aspect of your life.

Here are some simple tips to help you.

Divide Your Goals:

Take a whiteboard or a large piece of paper and put one of your goals in a circle at the center. Now break that goal down into steps.

Suddenly that large goal becomes a series of simple tasks. Things you can work toward every day instead of trying to tackle all at once.

Can you break down the tasks even further? Finishing a step or two everyday will lead you to success faster than looking at a large goal and becoming overwhelmed.

Map Your Route:

Just like a GPS gets you to your destination, you need to map the route to your goal.

For example, your goal may be to play Carnegie Hall.

Do you have a show?

Booking Carnegie Hall is not a logical step if you don’t have the show.

It would be like taking a left off of Maple Street onto Walnut Street, before you ever turn onto Maple!

So take the tasks you created above and place them into a logical order. Then you will be ready to start work on them.

Study Your Progress:

This is where a lot of people fall down.

Just because you have a road map, doesn’t mean the terrain won’t change or a road won’t close for construction.

Your plan is a plan. Execution may be different.

If you don’t look at or track your progress, you could get lost and never reach your destination.

So stop once and awhile to have an overview of the main goal. Look at where you are and see if you need to make any course corrections.


You become overwhelmed when you let any project, goal or task consume you.

Take time to back away, rest and relax.

That will allow you to return with a renewed focus and continue to tackle your goals with enthusiasm.