No one wants to fail.

That isn’t any fun.
If you don’t do something to succeed, why bother?
The other day I got yet another email asking how to be a success at ventriloquism.
That led me to question what this person meant by success.
I can guess they want to win America’s Got Talent and become famous like Terry Fator or Darci Lynn.
But their idea of success could be using a puppet to tell stories to their grandkids.
Their success could be entertaining residents in a nursing home. Or at their church.
Success may be having fun with something. Or it could be learning a skill. For some it may mean living the life they always dreamed.
Success means different things to different people.

You decide what success is.

You are the only one who knows if you reached the level you want. And you are the one who has to feel fulfilled by that success.
There are thousands of ways you can achieve success with ventriloquism.
Expect disappointment if you only look at ventriloquism as a way to make big money or find fame.


You are missing the bigger picture.
The next Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator or Darci Lynn will rise to the top based on talent, dedication and drive.
Ventriloquism isn’t why they are famous. It was the vehicle for their talent.
Some have a natural talent. Others develop a talent. If you work hard you can develop your talent too. Talent takes work!
One thing I do know … people who succeed usually have an attitude of success for everything they do.

So can you be successful?

Yes, you can. After all, your only other option is failure.