I’m writing this at the end of June.

(That is how far ahead I have to work to keep this blog coming out every week.)

Today it is like a zillion degrees and it isn’t even 9 AM yet.

I got a text from my friend David Crone. He was performing at a fair for a three day run.

That is why I seldom work fairs anymore. The heat can be excruciating. (And the dust can kill your throat.) When you are that hot, it is hard to think. You are exhausted just from breathing. Then you have to go work to entertain an audience.

The audience is also hot. They just sit there and stare. It is too much effort to laugh or applaud. They need a rest.

Entertain them puppet boy, (or girl …)

On the hot days, the lack of reaction is even more draining. When an audience is with you, you will feed off their energy and work harder to entertain them.

A quiet audience is the kiss of death for me.

It just isn’t rewarding.

So here are some tips I have for working outside on hot days.

Nothing like being timely, huh? Write these down and lose them before next summer.

When working outside, bring a cooler with plenty of bottled water. You must stay hydrated. A couple of bottles of Gatorade or a similar drink to replenish the sodium and potassium you sweat out.

Cooling bands, towels and clothes can help too.

Plus a fan! Bring a big, powerful fan. I use it to cool me off between shows and then put it dead center at the base of the stage to give me a breeze while I perform.

Other things to consider are sunblock, sunglasses, a folding chair and a sun umbrella. At a fair, you may not have cover and these will come in handy.

Oh, and I also recommend a car that gets great gas mileage. As much as I want to protect the environment, that air conditioner is sometimes the perfect way to refresh.

Special Note:
David told me he wasn’t doing the face mask routine that usually closes his show. It was so hot he didn’t want to put a volunteer through that. Remember – if you are hot, they are too!

What are your tips for working outside in the heat?

Let me know in the comments below: