Advanced Ventriloquism

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Here is the long awaited sequel to Mark’s best selling DVD – “Successful Ventriloquism”!

“Advanced Ventriloquism” is the next step enabling you to become a polished, knowledgable performer!

Build upon your basic skills.  Become a master performer.  Laugh as you learn!  Mark will show you the following secrets that will make you a notch above the average ventriloquist:


  • How to make your entrance
  • Projecting an air of confidence
  • Taking a bow; exiting with ease
  • Curtain calls (Encores)

Puppet Character Development:

  • Creating a character using an eight point “puppet profile”.
  • Adding song to the act.

(Both complete with live, on-stage demonstration.)

Ventriloquist Specialties:

  • The Distant Voice – How to do it, ways to use it.
  • The Baby Cry – How to produce a baby cry with authentic sound.
  • Polyphony – A definition and demonstration.

Additional Advice and Pro Secrets:

  • Audience Warm-Ups
  • Proper attire
  • Banquet shows
  • Selecting the puppet

Use this video to further your ventriloquist career.  Adding creative features to your act with professionalism will add dollars to your bottom line.  This 50 minute video tells you how – the rest is up to you!

Advanced Ventriloquism On-Line Video – $14.95

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