Mark Wade is going to fire me.

If you don’t know, Mark is the executive director of the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion.

A bunch of years ago, Mark asked if I would help run sound at the conVENTion. As our friendship grew, Mark gave me more and more responsibilities. Today I run the conVENTion website, help with the planning, and much more.

One of my duties is to provide graphics to Mark which he uses to promote the conVENTion on FaceBook. He tells me what he wants, I create them.

This started off as a couple here and there – and lately, Mark has wanted more and more of them.

I enjoy playing with graphics, but when I HAVE to do something, it quickly becomes boring to me.

I’d rather just play when I want.

So to release stress, I like to “Poke The Bear” by providing Mark with graphics I know he won’t use.

We may both get a laugh out of them, but they will never see the light of day …

Or will they?

What I am about to share is my sense of humor. Mark does not know I am releasing these – and that is why I will probably be fired. (Fingers Crossed!!!!)

These are NOT sanctioned by the VHC or anyone on the staff, at the museum, etc. These are simply my way of joking around and if you like them – cool. If not – complain to me. No one else is to blame…

Back toward the beginning of the 2019 campaign, Mark wanted me to create a graphic about Don Bryan. He drew a rough outline on a legal pad and sent me the pic. I created it as close to his drawing as possible:

Then Mark told me he wanted to warn people that rooms were selling out at the Holiday Inn. This was back around Christmas, so I created this graphic:

Again, that apparently wasn’t what he had in mind.

Then Mark wanted some show headliner pics. I was reading a Ken Groves post that day where he joked about dancing the pole, so:

So Mark, am I fired?

Are you registered for the Vent Haven ConVENTion yet?

If not – what are you waiting for. The conVENTion hotel is full, however there are still discounted rooms at our overflow hotel when you book through the conVENTion. Register today and Mark will send you details on how to reserve your room at the discount price.

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